In-vivo live imaging

User research, UX design
ideation, prototyping,
evaluative research
2018 (2 months)
The confocal endomicroscope CONVIVO® from ZEISS employs a powerful visualization technology enabling to visualize tissue microstructure in real-time. The project’s goal was to make this innovation usable in the context of brain surgeries. I joined the team after the initial research phase to ideate, define and test the ideal workflow vision.
Prototyped, tested & validated ideal workflow vision
Sharing of customer insights
Prioritzed feature description for MVP and future product development

CONVIVO-product-video-EN-30-160-0313I from rooom AG. As implemented in next project phase.

The In Vivo Pathology Suite ZEISS CONVIVO allows real-time feedback on tissue microstructure through digital pathology consultation. The Surgical Workplace connects to the Pathology Workplace and enables cross-functional medical team members to remote-access in vivo images in the OR to support the surgeon.